Sep 10, Yankton, SD, Turkey Day

Another day of severe sunshine and kind temps. Made Yankton after 78 mi of pretty riding AM by the river and farmland in the afternoon. Coming out of Pickstown at sunup happened to look along the road right and there were eight turkeys watching me grind up the hill away from the riv. Soon entered Yankton Sioux Res., and tracked down to the riv. again, this time on a large flood plain. And, most of it was still flooded except for the road which had just been reopened. Tough on the farmers-they lost most of this year’s crop. Rode about 15 mi down there – lots of water where it shouldn’t have been. Did see more turkeys, golden eagle and two great brown owls. Into Yankton by abt 3:00. Pics are a sign that caught my attention at Marty, home of the Yankton Sioux Tribal Headquarters. Also saw a bigger
sign which said “Tobacco Addiction
Is Not Our Tradition”. Second pic taken to show the far side river bluffs are now fully forested. More rainfall I suppose.




4 Comments on “Sep 10, Yankton, SD, Turkey Day”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    The mighty Mo certainly got more than it’s share of rain (and snow run off) this year! Glad to see you still doing great!

  2. JD Mader says:

    Thanks for keeping up the pics and blog…enjoying the ride. 😉

  3. Beth says:

    I like the sentiment of the anti-tobacco-addiction ad; I hope it works! So glad you’re getting some pretty riding and more-favorable winds. Hope you’re getting plenty of icecream, too!

  4. Antonia says:

    Jim, everyone of your photographs makes your travels look just for you – you are alone on the roadways! No cars in sight. Got to take your word for the rigs with boats. And Indians on reservations. Or maybe the land is just too big for mere people.

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