Just what I’m about

I’m about 5’10” and 175 pounds. I’m also focused on good health and supporting that good health through regular exercise and quality nutrition. Strength is important to enjoy life to the full, and we have the power to maintain and increase our physical strength and stamina.  It just takes a little time and effort. Getting this across to my clients is probably what I spend the most time on in my job as a personal trainer.  It is tremendously enjoyable to see a client improve and become more physically capable and healthy.


4 Comments on “Just what I’m about”

  1. Keith Spangler says:

    Jeff, if you get a chance shoot some more pics of your bike. I’d like to see some closeups if you get a chance. Thanks

  2. Bill Engle says:

    sounds like a great adventure that you’re on. Good pics. Tell us more about your equipment,camping vs. motels, supplies on your bike, terrain (hills vs. level


    Bill Engle (HBC)

    • jim4strength says:

      Camped last night in the town square of Ovanda, Mt. Small, old cowboy town. During the night heard owls hooting and coyotes yipping. Definitely not Pa. First time I’ve used my Hennessy hammock as a tent. Worked OK

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