Sep 11, Sloan, IA, IOWA!!!

Left Yankton just a bit before sunrise doing 102 mi into Sloan. Wouldn’t have been quite so much, but the bike trail along the river in Sioux City was really messed up by this year’s floods. That put me off the mapped routing and into the city. Let’s say I saw more of Sioux
City than I should have/wanted to. Pretty much standard farmland riding today….corn and beans. Stumbled onto a DQ when I needed it most – what a country. It was so pretty as the sun was coming up that I tried for a shot of it burning off the fog…maybe too artsy for this format…shortly before this pic it really did look like a ‘red rubber ball’. Second pic made me laugh and stop. If you look close it says “HAY CAPITAL OF THE UNIVERSE”. Who knew? Also, the “next five exits” were turnoffs from the road and were within the next 200 yards. Pretty good South Dakota humor.




5 Comments on “Sep 11, Sloan, IA, IOWA!!!”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    Too funny! The sun is burning off the fog and you are burning up the miles! I’ll bet a malted tastes extra good after pounding out the miles you are! I know they taste good after a big meal and a nap, I can just imagine the other.

  2. Alice says:

    You are making rapid progress.
    I’m glad that you are finding the humor along the way, too.
    I cannot get over what an amazing thing you are doing.

  3. Beth says:

    Emergency DQ is a wonderful thing. They should have St. Bernard dogs with chocolate malt in barrels sent out to rescue weary cyclists! Glad you’re through the big city, and that “the morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball”! I hope it put the song in your head for just as long as you wanted it. 🙂

  4. JD Mader says:

    I totally know where I’m getting my hay from now on.

  5. Antonia says:

    Lot’s of interesting things about this post. First, the name Yankton (even spell check thinks it’s odd). There must be a story there. Secondly, I’ll bet there is a place in Texas that’s a bigger hay capital! Or at least on par since Universe is preeetty big. A different way of looking at the area is that it must be quite beautiful when that hay is green grass blowing on the prairie landscape. And where was the morale-saving DQ? Before or after leaving the city. I note that you refuse to photograph a single sign of modern sprawl and all its components, including cars.

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