Travel Exercise, Stuck in the House, Can’t get to the/a Gym – 55’s

On a recent trip I decided to use a daily strength workout which can be done in the motel room, living room, etc.  By adding some abdominal work and pulling, such as pull-ups or at least pull-up negatives (get chin near hands while hanging on a pull-up bar, tree limb, etc. and then slowly letting down) one can get a very effective complete body workout. The routine below is quoted as provided  to a client who is a very busy young mother. It works, takes no equipment and can be shortened or extended as desired. Add your daily dose of aerobic exercise to 55’s – at least 30 minutes – and stay fit, strong and healthy. On my recent trip my aerobic exercise was daily walks to visit my granddaughters. Never did get to the pull-up negatives….but it was a short trip.

If you find yourself housebound today and going crazy AND have a few minutes – do what I’ve been calling “55’s”.  Start out with ten push-ups, walk your hands back from plank after the last push-up until you’re in a forward fold, come up slowly with a straight back (like a straight leg dead-lift) to a standing position and then do one deep, slow squat. A good depth for the squat is go down until your thighs are approximately parallel with the floor-any knee discomfort, don’t squat so deeply. After coming up from the squat,  fold slowly at the hips (straight back, mostly straight legs) to get your hands on or near  the floor, walk out on hands to a plank position and do 9 push-ups. Walk hands back to forward fold, come up slowly to stand and then do two deep, slow squats…..and so on decreasing push-ups from 10 to 1 and increasing squats from 1 to 10. Did this yesterday after a long morning bicycle ride and it is a good strength workout. If I need a breather during the process, I  just transition into one or more of the harder yoga poses….warrior three, half moon, garland, etc. …for a recovery break before entering back into the sequence.  55’s will get your attention and make you stronger.

Of course this pattern can easily be reduced or expanded – five push-ups and five squats is a good way to make it shorter/easier.  Just take the opportunity to do the work, listen to your body and EAT CLEAN!