Tuesday Aug. 18th, Town Creek Acqueduct Camp to Caledonia State Park, Pa. 103.8 mi./12.8 mph avg

Long hard day today, but it got us close to home. Decided to head to Caledonia State Park near Chambersburg so as not to camp on the Potomac again – tired of the bugs and train noise. Also got off the towpath for some miles on smoother roads before heading north. Last piece of the decision puzzle was the weatherman predicted chance of storms today with worse for Wednesday. Thank goodness for a strong tailwind on the trek up Rt. 11 from Williamsport, Md. to Chambersburg. It’s not often you can ride a fully loaded bike for quite a few miles at 18-20 mph. Got to the campground at Caledonia about 6:00 with lots of time for showers, dinner and hammock setup. By the way, old guys like me camp for less now…ahh, these golden years. Great night’s sleep after all the Snappermiles. Pic is a friend we met on the C&O Canal towpath. We called him ‘snapper’ and kept our distance. Bet he’s older than me.


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