Monday Aug. 17th, Rockwood to Town Creek Hiker/Biker Camp on C&O Canal, 68.4 mi./11.6 mph average

Out of Rockwood about 9:00 AM … pretty summer day. Went over Eastern Continental Divide (long, slow climb), through Big Savage Mountain tunnel, another tunnel or two and down into Cumberland Maryland. Hot day, great riding, superb views from the top of the ridges where the big windmills live. Much drier air west of the Divide, humid and warmer on the Potomac eastern side. Nice lunch at Mark’s in Cumberland and then on to the campground. When we arrived at the camp, there were 15 canoes lined up in the middle of the campground, which was fortunately large. After setting up and preparing for the evening we were joined by about 30 middleschoolers and teachers. Nice kids, camped apart from us and weren’t too noisy after dark. Pretty lucky. ChalleEContDivideDivideEleMapnge, again, was mosquitos not kids. Train noise not so bad at this camp….tracks on the other side of the river.


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