You Like What You Eat

Consider this saying a layer over top the old saying “You are what you eat.” That one’s pretty accurate too, but “you like what you eat” is more powerful in a number of ways.

The key to changing dietary habits for the better is to not do too much too fast. The healthy goal is to increase fruits and vegetables and reduce meat and dairy. As more healthy choices become regular parts of your intake, they magically become foods you like to eat. Major examples in my personal experience are switching from full fat cows’ milk to 2% to skim to soy milk to low-fat soy milk. Another easy one is having cut raw vegetables (celery, carrots, peppers) with fat-free¬†hummus to accompany soups, chili or sandwiches. Don’t misunderstand, I still love chocolate cake and eat some dark chocolate every day. I just make sure my daily intake includes at least three hand fruits…every day…apple, banana, grapefruit, figs, etc. Another goal is to make sure whole grains are the way you get your grains. Years ago we switched from regular pasta to whole wheat in our house. Now, no way would we go back to highly refined pasta. You learn to “like what you eat.”

As you make these changes it becomes easier to eat a very healthy diet. The hard part comes when you eat out. It’s a challenge, but you have to take it on as “it’s me against the restaurant, and I’m going to win this.” It can be fun, but it takes effort.

Here’s a final thought I use with clients. Eskimos like what they eat. I couldn’t get some of their food down on a bet, but they’ve learned to like their diet. Same for us. You are what you eat AND you like what you eat. Powerful stuff. Think about it, research and learn and then take control of your diet.