Aug 31, Wolfe Point, MT., Wind Shadows

Rode 53 mi today, straight north with a strong east wind. So Bill and I spent most of the day in the wind shadow of each other…big help. A bit flatter land, a bit greener. Saw our first field of CORN-suspect we may see a bit more in days ahead. For the first ten miles
or so today the edge of the road was covered with black crickets…hey, give me a break here…when you’re staring mostly at the road all day you notice these things. Later it was all grasshoppers again. In fact three hoppers made it into the motel with our bike gear-they’re now swimming in the mighty Mo. We’re on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation now and will be thru tomorrow. Pic is by Bill of an old abandoned school. While he was taking the pic a cowboy in a pickup stopped and asked if he’d seen a loose bull or two heiffers along the road. We hadn’t.



Aug 30, Circle MT, 3 Greens

Great riding day today-67 mi in to Circle, MT with a tailwind. Pretty country, wide open, flatter. 3 greens-traveling into rising sun aquagreen insulators on power lines were glowing green lights miles ahead; noticed large amphibians on the ┬ároad–lizards abt 8 inches long, Brit racing green w/light green spots, swimming type tail .. No water in sight? Last green, skip the smoothie in Jordan…not worth it…as in “green around the gills, urp”. Great landforms today…lots of eroded cliffs, millions of years of history in view. Camping in RV Park tonite. Pic is of eroded hills/wash.


Aug 29, Jordan, MT. “I Looked Over Jordan”

And what did I see? If Montanans were totally honest they’d agree that the state bird, flower, tree all rolled together should be the grasshopper. They’re everywhere- as we ride along they’re flying up constantly- into the spokes (ping) onto my bare leg (whoa Nellie) two rode on the handlebars and bags with me for miles this morning. Even seeing a new species today – black sitting, brilliant red inner wings when flying. The BnB last night was just like home – good food and sleep. Windy ride today, stiff crosswind, open grassland, long views, antelopes, came upon a wounded nighthawk-happy coyote tonite. Raining as we arrived in Jordan, nice motel. Pics are front of BnB w/bikes and neat eroded gray landscape near BnB-result of area being inland sea very long time ago.



Aug 28, Mosby, MT, Easy Livin’

Mosby is just a dot on the map…we saw no buildings, people, etc. However, we’re comfortably settled in a BnB a mile up a dirt road. Very nice. Other guests are hunters out shooting prairie dogs. Ride today was much different. Land flatter, more open, dry and parched-hot afternoon. Can still see forever. Passed a high school rodeo in Winnette-looked hot and dusty. 52 miles today…enough in the heat. Pic is just after walking bike carefully over cattle guard in road to BnB. We’re in a very unpopulated part of MT. Planning stopping pts ahead is a challenge.


Aug 27, GrassRange, MT, Sweet Alfalfa

70 miles into Grassrange. Only choice for the night was camping behind a truck stop…maybe you can guess how that went. There was a shower-a major plus. Rode through very pretty country, Judith Mountains. More farming and the large fields of alfalfa smell very sweet. Saw deer, antelopes, eagles, hawks, etc. Pic is just pass the divide in Judith Mts (riding west uphill to stage pic) and the downhill was super.


Aug 26, Denton, MT, Square Butte Day

Good day today..66 mi. Cool morning, hot afternoon, lots of sun and (sadly) headwinds most of the day. So, Bill and I are really beat, motel tonight.
Morning we could see Square Butte ahead in the distance, noon it was to our right side and finishing up we could see it behind us. Saw golden eagles and our first antelope today. Pic is late afternoon Square Butte right, Round Butte left, un-butte middle.


Aug 25, Fort Benton, MT, 58 miles

Bill DeLoach and I headed east about 10:00. Nice day, we had lots of sun and pretty country, few raindrops, some long slow hills, hamburgers in a bar in Highground. We’re now in a campground by the Mo. After showers it’s downtown to tour old Ft B and dine. Suspect the bugs will force bedtime abt sunset. Pics are Bill and I at start and the bluffs cross th Mo. From camp.