Wed. Aug. 19th, Caledonia State Park to Carlisle, end of trip. 37.5 mi./13.9 avg. mph

Gray, humid and cloudy out of the Park for home. Good night’s sleep and the rain held off all morning. Stopped for breakfast at a McDonalds near Scotland, and it met a caloric requirement but I’ll not go back for seconds. Something about blaring flat screen TV’s and weak coffee. Fairly easy riding through the morning and we passed lots of wet spots, but it didn’t dump on us. Had hoped for an ice cream stop at Goose Brothers in Shippensburg, but we went by too early. I’ll make up for it in the days ahead…gotta put the pounds back on I lost over the last 600+ miles.

Really glad to have ridden all of the Great Allegheny Passage now along with the C&O Canal towpath, which I’d ridden before. Just can’t beat rail trails and towpaths for safe, scenic cycling. Bike worked well (Cannondale T2000 tourer), but it needs a cleaning in the worst way and probably a new chain/sprocket. Riding the towpath and Passage is really hard on the bike because of mud and grit. For what it’s worth, the skies opened up today – Thursday – and midday we got about 3 inches of rain in an hour. Very happy for biker’s luck which gave us rain only three times on the trip, once at night and the other two for short periods. Left-hand Pic is of the Salisbury Viaduct, one of the neat attractions on the Passage. Right is the Big Savage Mountain Tunnel. Notice the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’  Bicycle tour for 2015 COMPLETE!



2 Comments on “Wed. Aug. 19th, Caledonia State Park to Carlisle, end of trip. 37.5 mi./13.9 avg. mph”

  1. M Cramer says:

    Jim…. You look FANTASTIC. …it’s hard to believe you are 20 years older than me! Best to Sandy. Mark

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