Graduated from Elizabethtown Area High School in Pennsylvania. Attended U. of Illinois NROTC, degree in biology. Upon graduation went directly to flight school in Pensacola. Flew helicopters for most of my career, served about an equal time on both east and west coasts and enjoyed two tours of duty in the United Kingdom.

Married to Sandy, 1971, and we have two children…Beth and Dan. We now have a granddaughter, Frankie, daughter of Dan and Karen.  The picture to the left is Sandy and I on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail on a ride to get … cream, of course.


2 Comments on “Background”

  1. Al Masland says:

    Keep peddling, Jim. We’re all proud [warriors] of you back at the Y!

  2. Hey Jim, I read about you in I’m wondering if you have advice for me. My name is Christina Schroeder. I am doing the 4K for Cancer this summer (biking across the US from Baltimore to San Diego to raise funds and awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults) and would like to ask you all for advice on that…but specifically at this moment, I would like to ask advice for giving my first spinning class. THIS Saturday, I will be giving my first spinning class for free, donations welcome (all donations will go to 4K for Cancer) and I just started biking; so, I need all the help/advice I can get. I have taken a handful of spinning classes myself. What do you all recommend that I do to prepare and what I do for the class? Also, recommendations on playlists/videos/etc are also welcome, please. I am not necessarily hosting this class to give myself a great name as an instructor but as a way to raise funds for UCF and awareness of course! Any help/advice is very appreciated! Also, my website is

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