Prepared this list in response to a question which came up during a Nutrition/Exercise presentation. This is just a start, of course.


cut celery, red/yellow pepper strips and carrot sticks

with peanut butter (Smuckers All Natural is what we use)(My wife  just said it’s gotta be chunky:)

with cream cheese

with hummus (we used to make our own out of chick peas, however now there are lots of very good  flavored options in the store)

GORP – Good Old Raisins and Peanuts – mixed up and bagged for travel

All hand fruits, fresh…..apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, etc.

Dried Fruits….dates, figs, prunes, raisins, craisons, apricots (my favorite pancake meal is whole wheat pancakes with walnuts and apricots)



Oatmeal with condiments of choice – add nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon, shredded coconut, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, top with soy, regular or almond milk

Dry cereals – choose low sugar cereals, Grapenuts, Shredded Wheat, Uncooked oatmeal, Cheerios (original, not flavored/sugared up)  I top these too, just like oatmeal

Peanut butter toast or bagels, topped with dried fruit. Favorite of mine is whole wheat toast with peanut butter and raisins

Whole wheat pancakes – blueberry walnut are a family favorite too. Try to get away from using syrup and butter on them….a little plain yogurt is fun on top.

Waffles, with healthy toppings

Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich (I grew up on versions of this. Now I’m smart enough to use whole wheat bread.)



Pasta….always (use whole wheat pastas. Once the family’s used to them….you’ll never go back, and they’re much healthier.

with marinara sauce (typical red sauce, or very fresh – made with onions and fresh tomatoes the day it’s served. Leftovers from this sauce just improve with time.)

with a white sauce and beans

with a healthy cheese sauce like ‘mac n cheese’

Waffels with gravy (I just mention this because my mother used to serve them with turkey gravy after Thanksgiving as a treat)

Vegetarian Chili, served with corn tortillas

Bean Burritos

Bean Tostados

Black Bean soup with sour cream

Vegetarian Baked Beans (We make our own (not baked, just heated) from an assortment of beans without the meat)

Push salads….lettuce, spinach, kale, and top with healthy dressings and seeds (sunflower and pumpkin seeds are really great), walnuts, chopped dates,

Halloween Pumpkin Soup, topped with croutons, raisins

Vegetarian Vegetable Soup with Barley

Oct 21, 2016


Wed. Aug. 19th, Caledonia State Park to Carlisle, end of trip. 37.5 mi./13.9 avg. mph

Gray, humid and cloudy out of the Park for home. Good night’s sleep and the rain held off all morning. Stopped for breakfast at a McDonalds near Scotland, and it met a caloric requirement but I’ll not go back for seconds. Something about blaring flat screen TV’s and weak coffee. Fairly easy riding through the morning and we passed lots of wet spots, but it didn’t dump on us. Had hoped for an ice cream stop at Goose Brothers in Shippensburg, but we went by too early. I’ll make up for it in the days ahead…gotta put the pounds back on I lost over the last 600+ miles.

Really glad to have ridden all of the Great Allegheny Passage now along with the C&O Canal towpath, which I’d ridden before. Just can’t beat rail trails and towpaths for safe, scenic cycling. Bike worked well (Cannondale T2000 tourer), but it needs a cleaning in the worst way and probably a new chain/sprocket. Riding the towpath and Passage is really hard on the bike because of mud and grit. For what it’s worth, the skies opened up today – Thursday – and midday we got about 3 inches of rain in an hour. Very happy for biker’s luck which gave us rain only three times on the trip, once at night and the other two for short periods. Left-hand Pic is of the Salisbury Viaduct, one of the neat attractions on the Passage. Right is the Big Savage Mountain Tunnel. Notice the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’  Bicycle tour for 2015 COMPLETE!


Tuesday Aug. 18th, Town Creek Acqueduct Camp to Caledonia State Park, Pa. 103.8 mi./12.8 mph avg

Long hard day today, but it got us close to home. Decided to head to Caledonia State Park near Chambersburg so as not to camp on the Potomac again – tired of the bugs and train noise. Also got off the towpath for some miles on smoother roads before heading north. Last piece of the decision puzzle was the weatherman predicted chance of storms today with worse for Wednesday. Thank goodness for a strong tailwind on the trek up Rt. 11 from Williamsport, Md. to Chambersburg. It’s not often you can ride a fully loaded bike for quite a few miles at 18-20 mph. Got to the campground at Caledonia about 6:00 with lots of time for showers, dinner and hammock setup. By the way, old guys like me camp for less now…ahh, these golden years. Great night’s sleep after all the Snappermiles. Pic is a friend we met on the C&O Canal towpath. We called him ‘snapper’ and kept our distance. Bet he’s older than me.

Monday Aug. 17th, Rockwood to Town Creek Hiker/Biker Camp on C&O Canal, 68.4 mi./11.6 mph average

Out of Rockwood about 9:00 AM … pretty summer day. Went over Eastern Continental Divide (long, slow climb), through Big Savage Mountain tunnel, another tunnel or two and down into Cumberland Maryland. Hot day, great riding, superb views from the top of the ridges where the big windmills live. Much drier air west of the Divide, humid and warmer on the Potomac eastern side. Nice lunch at Mark’s in Cumberland and then on to the campground. When we arrived at the camp, there were 15 canoes lined up in the middle of the campground, which was fortunately large. After setting up and preparing for the evening we were joined by about 30 middleschoolers and teachers. Nice kids, camped apart from us and weren’t too noisy after dark. Pretty lucky. ChalleEContDivideDivideEleMapnge, again, was mosquitos not kids. Train noise not so bad at this camp….tracks on the other side of the river.

Sunday Aug. 16, West Newton to Rockwood, PA 75.2 miles/11.7 mph avg

Had to fix a rear flat before leaving West Newton. Fortunately, it went quickly and I was cleaned up in time for 8:00 AM breakfast. B&B has a floor pump, so that was a real timesaver and gift. Pretty riding today with lots of shade. Ohiopyle State Park is a really nice part of the Passage….lots of vacationers and great biking scenery. Staying tonight in ‘Husky Haven’ Campground in Rockwood….nice campground. Shower facilities are across the river in town…no problem, very clean and convenient. Rockwood does some bike art near the trailhead. Tallest bike I’ve ever sat on. Rockwood in the background on the other side of the river.highwheeler

Saturday, Aug. 16th, BrightMorning B&B in West Newton

Great to have a day off the bike. Highly recommend the B&B…very nice, good breakfast. West Newton is a nice small town on a very pretty river, the Youghiogheny River. Had some ice cream, pizza, subs, etc. Wouldn’t think you could have so many meals in one day….well, spend your days on a bike and you need the calories. Got some laundry done and now ready for the ride back to Carlisle. Nice break. Went over 300 miles total on the trip going into Pittsburgh.

Campsite photo, Thurs nite

Very nice primitive camp, boy scouts built it up and maintain it. Right on the river…would have been a nice place to fish.