Last Club Ride Before Departure

Perfect day for a ride in the Carlisle area. Don’t think the Cumberland Valley has ever looked better – the recent rains have all the crops looking good. You will no doubt agree the riders look pretty good too.



Ice Cream IS a food group

Met up with Bill (in the yellow jersey) today for a ride and some late stage planning.  He is planning to meet me in Great Falls, Montana in a little over three weeks and we’ll ride together for about two weeks.  Today we had Montana weather, I hope.  We got about thirty miles in all told and it was a clear, hot day but with less humidity which makes for good riding.  Yesterday was hotter and a lot more humid…not very pleasant.  We stopped at the lakeside cafe in Boiling Springs to have refreshments and discuss details about the traveling to come such as how many miles a day we expect to ride, how often we expect to be camping as opposed to using motels and how often a day can one eat ice cream.  As I told Bill, they say humans can go for approximately 30 days without food, but I start getting edgy after about 3 hours so staying properly fueled (food of course) on the ride will be a priority.  AND, ice cream is surely a food of choice.  The picture on the patio was taken by an old friend from the Carlisle YMCA who happened to be enjoying the afternoon as we were.

Initial Audio Post – checking capabilities

This is a view east from the Enola Rd. about two miles out of Bloserville.  Decided to put some miles on my seat and legs just to keep up.  It was a very warm and windy day…good practice I guess.  Ended up with 36 miles so that’s about half a days’ ride once I’m on the tour.


Bike is On The Way

Delivered the bike to the UPS
Store this afternoon. Rachael said
It will go out tonight, 28 July, and should be at the motel in Rainier, Oregon by the 4th of Aug. Funny, but I’m much more concerned about the bike being damaged in transit
than I am about the riding to come. Of course, the bike was packed by an amateur- me. Should be fine, and now at least it’s not sitting in the middle of the living room anymore. Glad to have this part of the prep done.


Bike’s Almost in the Box

The bike is prepared (mostly) for UPS shipping on Thursday. That should put into Ranier Oregon on about the 5th. I’m having it delivered to the motel where Sandy and I will spend the first three nights. I decided to use UPS rather than take it on the airplane for two reasons…if UPS moves it I don’t have to mess with it at the airport, and it’s clear the airlines don’t want to be helpful with large boxed objects. I’ll see down the road if this was a good decision…should know in two weeks.


Lots ‘O Hot around Carlisle

Very warm in the mid state right now. Took a 30 mile ride yesterday afternoon just to log some seat time. I want to start my long ride in two weeks with a basic level of cycle fitness. Since I’ll have time on the road to build it I’m not that concerned right now at being at a traveling peak. Plan to do the same today…that is, head out later this afternoon for a long easy ride…maybe a mountain included just to keep it challenging.

View from the Mansion

Pretty ride in the shade. Waiting for the group. Strange broken up grouping today, but a great day to be riding.