Sep 9, Pickstown, SD, Dakotas riding skills

The Dakotas do improve one’s riding skills…spending lots of time in the drops and peddling downhill. Rode 112 mi. into Pickstown-on the bike 7 AM, here just before 5. Perfect weather with agreeable winds. Started riding on the Res. this morn. – great riverside scenery with some long climbs. Afternoon found me up away from the riv. In flat farmland. Now more corn and beans in the fields. Saw lots of pheasants and three big whitetail deer. Since this route I’m riding (Adventure Cycling’s Lewis n Clark) follows the river as they did, I’m continually being passed by pickups pulling bass boats. I think everybody out here must own a rig. Pics are a morning shot of the far shore bluffs on the west side of the Mo. And some road art from an afternoon farm. The bale of hay is full sized – somebody put a lot of work into the display. Notice the tractor seat on the tricycle.




5 Comments on “Sep 9, Pickstown, SD, Dakotas riding skills”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    Hope all is well on the reservation. Rebecca and I visited Homestead Gold mine up there by Deadwood. That was part of Indian reservation until gold was discovered and they were moved to a different location where all the gold mining activity would not be a distraction to their traditional way of life.

  2. Steve Lance says:

    112 miles, wow! Is that the greatest distance so far?

  3. Debbie Feller says:

    Mighty Long Rider….long day 112, worthy of Ice Cream!

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