Fri Aug 14, 63.1/11.3

To the end of the Great Allegheny Passage today and then back east to meet Sandy. We’ll relax in a BnB in West Newton…pretty nice camping. Point Park in Ptsbrg, where the trail ends, is a really pretty park. Just across the river from Heinz Stadium. Looped the park a few times and then went into Market Square for a ‘reward’ sub lunch. The women soccer world champs were there with hundreds of young soccer players in uniform cheering. Quite the event – they had the trophy with them. Then it was back on the bike to retrace the trail back out of the city. Made West Newton and met Sandy at 3:30. Rest tomorrow and eat/explore. Start the ride back to Carlisle Sunday and Sandy will drive home. Really need a day off the bike, legs very tired. Over 300 miles on the trip as of today.



Day 5 Aug 13

Rndbttm Camp to Dravos Landing Camp. Easy day 23.4/10.9 mph. Nice camp, good tree spacing for hammocks. Bike clean and lube. Plan to run into Pittsburg and back tomorrow, 50 mi total. Then meet Sandy for BnB Fri n Sat nights in West Newton, Pa. Quiet camp right now…may it continue!
Cherry pie with breakfast in West Newton at 10:00…EATSLEEPRIDE:)

Day 4 Aug 12

Rockwood to Roundbottom camp. 59.3 mi/11.7 mph. Yesterday 54 mi/10.5 mph. Made great coffee at hostal before departure. Very close redtail hawk sighting on trail. Also, mother deer with three young..two still had spots-good year. Good night in camp, cold n clear, Youghiogheny River very pretty here. Good night…no mosquitos, fewer trains.

Protected: Day 3 Aug 11

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Very Good Day Two

On C&O canal trail today Licking Creek campground near Hancock to Irons Mtn campground near Cumberland. Good sleep last night into a great breakfast at the Park & Dine in Hancock. Very pretty 64 mi ride today. Went thru Paw Paw Tunnel. Had some rain but no big deal, cloudy and cool most all day. Hammock feels so good right now, to read a bit and sleep.


First Day OK, Aug 9

Carlisle to Licking Creek camp on CnO Canal trail – 74.6 miles at 12.1 mph average. Nice ride, feels good to be off the bike and in the hammock. Rained hard bout 3 miles prior to camp. Covered up during the downpour and all went well. Hancock Md for breakfast tomorrow.

8/8/15 Adendum

Bike trip starting tomorrow is from Carlisle down to the Potomac then west via the C & O canal to Cumberland Md. Biking friend from the Y is traveling along. After reaching Cumberland, we plan to continue out the Great Allegheny Passage to the Pittsburg area, camping all the way if possible. Route back to Carlisle has not been planned yet..we’ll see how it goes.