Fri Aug 14, 63.1/11.3

To the end of the Great Allegheny Passage today and then back east to meet Sandy. We’ll relax in a BnB in West Newton…pretty nice camping. Point Park in Ptsbrg, where the trail ends, is a really pretty park. Just across the river from Heinz Stadium. Looped the park a few times and then went into Market Square for a ‘reward’ sub lunch. The women soccer world champs were there with hundreds of young soccer players in uniform cheering. Quite the event – they had the trophy with them. Then it was back on the bike to retrace the trail back out of the city. Made West Newton and met Sandy at 3:30. Rest tomorrow and eat/explore. Start the ride back to Carlisle Sunday and Sandy will drive home. Really need a day off the bike, legs very tired. Over 300 miles on the trip as of today.



One Comment on “Fri Aug 14, 63.1/11.3”

  1. Beth says:

    Great picture! And the world cup champs, too…very cool!!!

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