Very Good Day Two

On C&O canal trail today Licking Creek campground near Hancock to Irons Mtn campground near Cumberland. Good sleep last night into a great breakfast at the Park & Dine in Hancock. Very pretty 64 mi ride today. Went thru Paw Paw Tunnel. Had some rain but no big deal, cloudy and cool most all day. Hammock feels so good right now, to read a bit and sleep.



3 Comments on “Very Good Day Two”

  1. Keith \Moser\ Spangler says:

    Go get r done!  Sounds fun. 

  2. Mark Cramer says:

    Read? Kerosene lamp? 66 is the new 36. The Flight Physiology guys were dead on right in those boring lectures we had to go to once a year…..don’t smoke, drink in “moderation”, exercise. …

  3. Beth says:

    Enjoying your ride vicariously! Keep having fun, and eat pie in every diner. 😉

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