Yoga Poses for Cyclists

These poses should relieve pain and soreness, not cause more. Be slow, stretch deeply, get to the “edge” of each stretch/position and hold the position for 5-10 slow, deep breaths. Think of the various poses as therapy to fix where you’re stiff or uncomfortable. The poses are simply means to ends…they’re tools. When you think of the poses as tools, it makes sense to use them before and after riding….maybe during a ride when you take a break off the bike. Yoga is ‘magic’ of a sorts, but you have to make some effort, be involved – it’s not a pain pill. As you spend time with the poses, you become familiar and can use them to best advantage. Add, delete, modify – make it work for you.

Cat Cow Poses – on hands and knees, flexing spine up and down

Up/Down Dog Poses – pushup position, hips down slow transition to way up

Garland Pose – sitting on balls of feet, ankles knees hips full flexion

Pidgeon Pose, 2nd position – laying on folded leg

Sit in Comfortable Pose – crosslegged

Neck movement – head to side then rotation/fore and aft

Seated Twist – both sides, relaxed to your comfortable limits


4 Comments on “Yoga Poses for Cyclists”

  1. Lean Lena says:

    Love me some yoga! 🙂

  2. Antonia Hyde says:

    Thank you jim. But I don’t know if dave told you that about three weeks before leaving for spain, I tripped on a bootlace that became untied as I walked on a snow covered South Pitt st. It wasn’t the snow or the ice that tripped me but rather the damn lace which I’d tied three times – like for a little kid. The other one was fine. Well, the fall was so sudden that I had no time to react and fell with most of my weight on my right arm which I had across my waist, balanced on the handle of my bag. Had I not had three layers of clothes and had the sidewalk not had packed snow, I’m sure I would have broken it. As it is, there is a fracture around the elbow and I still cannot fully straighten it and it’s been a month. Any yoga requiring arm strength is not only impossible but forbidden by the doctor. So here were are! Two months of horrible weather and now this. But we’re in Spain trying to make the best of it. Isn’t it pathetic? Heh heh.

    Dave is spinning as I speak. And Sunday he went on a 46k mountain bike ride with ten other guys.

  3. Antonia Hyde says:

    Oh, and speaking of pigeon, I also fell on my left knee of course, the one that’s given me problems for the last three years. I love pigeon and it’s the most painful for the knee but I do it anyway. Now… the knee wakes me up at night saying, hey, I hurt.

  4. Beth says:

    Speaking as one who (sadly) spends more time on a desk chair than a bike seat, these poses are good for office workers, too! Thanks for reminding me!

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