Sep 15, Brookfield, Mo, East all day

Spent all day on Rt 36, watched the sun come up, go overhead and behind. St Jo to Brookfield 97 mi. Again today a DQ appeared at just the right time in Chillicothe. Saw some good looking deer and redtailed hawks. Rear flat late morning. First, got the spare tire from the front pannier where it has comfortably ridden for 2,500 miles. When I pulled the rear wheel off it had a big staple in it. Put the new tire on-metal pony likes her new shoe. Oh, by the way, if your Mars candy stock has gone up…you’re welcome. Been seriously eating Snickers bars, my favorite energy bar hands down. First pic is Grand River, near Chillicothe-no flooding here. Second pic is Missouri Air Force missile cleverly hidden near a major highway. Wonder where the nosecone is? Start Treaty, or bargining chip for the next Big Ten matchup.




5 Comments on “Sep 15, Brookfield, Mo, East all day”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    Hidden in plain sight, SMART. Snickers, natures perfect food.

  2. Beth says:

    DQ and snickers…now that’s living the life! Sorry about the flat tires. Confucius says: If tire keeps going flat, switch to vehicle with four wheels. It’s a complex allegory about dynastic history, of course, but it seems to apply here, too. 🙂

  3. Debbie Feller says:

    Mighty Long Rider & Metal Pony…Wow.. You are Cruising! Can’t think of a better food than Snickers and ice cream! Your journey is amazing to follow…Stay Safe!

  4. Matt Tuckey says:

    Enjoy the trip, enjoy the snickers…

  5. Way to go Jim!!!! Amazing Trip. Amazing Journey. Very inspiring. Life is Good. 🙂

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