Sep 13, Rock Port, MO, Road Closed

Bit of a tailwind today…nice. Left Council Bluffs at sunrise after a great motel breakfast. Hit Rock Port at 93 mi. There’s still a lot of flooding here. So, tomorrow morning I’m going to head straight east to get away from the river. First pic is nice field of flowers on the campus of the Iowa school for the deaf. Second pic is first closed road. This forced me onto a major road with all the Interstate 29 traffic – it’s closed from here to Council Bluffs, quite a traffic mess, due to flooding. Third pic is on an Iowa country road at the Missouri state line. I had moved east in Iowa to get away from the river. Had to backtrack again. The second pic is at a railroad track. Just past the tracks they had built a new, temporary seven foot high levee. This flooding was/is a big deal.





4 Comments on “Sep 13, Rock Port, MO, Road Closed”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    Hard to believe till you see it yourself. One more state to cross!


    Hi Jim, sorry I haven’t been commenting, but the flooding has kept me busy at work. Hey, I know you’re enjoying your ride, but i wanted to tell you that our Kings Gap TT = sponsored by the club went well Sunday. It was really a lot of fun. 40 out of 50 registered riders showed up at the start line. Some of the 10 missing riders experienced flooding issues at the homes. Anyway, it turned out to be a great weather day too – first non rain day in a week so that made things nice. Take care buddy, I hope you don’t run into to many more Road Closures.

  3. JD Mader says:

    Be careful, huh? Great pics.

  4. bill deloache says:

    Jim:hope you Are carrying state maps now.want me to send you warter wings for the pony?I am cycling arround san francisco,it’s a little more crowded than montanna.ride safe.bill

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