Sept. 7, Pierre, SD, Metal Pony Rests

Arrived in Pierre at 1:30 and me and the pony are tired – 55 mi today. By the way, it’s pronounced ‘peer’, not that frenchy way. DQ choco shake is perking me up, pony got air in the tires and will get a chain cleaning later. Today’s route took us away from the river, so not very scenic. Did see quite a few pheasants (pheasant hunting’s big here) and lots of big ole’ red tailed hawks. I’ll include a pic of Lake Oahe taken from the steakhouse window last night. The dam which causes Lake Oahe is here in Pierre so that gives some idea of the size..the lake goes far north of where I set eating records last night. Tomorrow’s route starts to hook east again with the Mighty Mo. River. I’ll be doing sun salutes in the AM with the pony.



10 Comments on “Sept. 7, Pierre, SD, Metal Pony Rests”

  1. Antonia says:

    Yes, forget the Frenchie stuff. Au Clair, WI? Youckler. DuBoise, PA? Dooboyce, accent on that first u, not that suspicious o. Prarie du Chien, WI? Prarie (ok, that could go either way…) but here comes the good part, the part about the dog: Doosheen. So it’s like the French never set foot in any of these places.

    Anyway, from your photos, Peer looks, well, empty. An improvement over the rest of strip mall america. In fact, you seem to have avoided every strip mall west of the Mo River. How’d you do it?

    Do you read these before you drop off to exhausted sleep?

  2. Beth says:

    Glad you had a good steak to make up for some of all the hard work, and to me the DQ milkshake sounds even better! I hope tomorrow’s oatmeal is equally delicious. Wish I could send you some potstickers. 😉

  3. Mark says:

    Damn Jim.. what an adventure.

    “They’ve all gone to look for America
    All gone to look for America
    All gone to look for America”
    -Simon and Garfunkel

    and you have found it, my friend and classmate.


  4. Rita S. says:

    Jim, what a beautiful photo!

  5. Dave Glick says:

    You must be close to (or have passed) the 1000 mi mark. Awesome! We are in our 3rd day of hurricane Lee’s remnants with more coming tomorrow. I expect to soon try 1000 strokes if I wish to reach the “Y”.

  6. hoondog2100 says:

    Namaste Jim. No buffalo sightings yet?

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