Sep 6, 88 mi south of Pollock

Winds much easier today.. 5-10 on the nose, not 40. Definitely in the great plains-corn, wheat,sunflowers, angus-long, long views. Less flat near the river. So there I was, climbing a slow rise and I could see a small herd of angus ahead near the road. As I came up next to them they up and started running with me. I moved in closer and grabbed my bow and arrow from the back of old Paint (Cannondale T2000). Picked out a nice looking cow and began to draw the bow, holding tight to old Paint with my legs….. Up till the bow part it was just as related and pretty neat having the company. Also, I just finished a delicious steak dinner at Bob’s Resort Steakhouse where I’m camping tonight. Nice stay last night at End of the Line BnB. Restored train station, nice hosts, good food, filled with neat antiques. First pic is the BnB. Second pic is view down to the river…very pretty.




3 Comments on “Sep 6, 88 mi south of Pollock”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    Neat way to capture the mood of the old West. Have you thought of an Indian name for yourself? Might I suggest, Mighty Warrior of Metal Pony.

  2. Dave Glick says:

    Warrior Poser comes to mind

  3. Debbie Feller says:

    Yes, “Mighty Warrior of Metal Pony” Stay Safe!!

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