Sep 5, Pollock, SD, Labor Day…natch

Don’t take N. Dakota for granted…she gives and she takes away. Knew I was in for it when I hit the road and couldn’t get out of the granny gear. BIG WIND on the nose. Averaged 7 mph today, so plans changed and I only made half my planned route – 35 mi. today – and I feel like I’ve been drug here behind a car, not ridden here. Plus side, I’m in a neat BnB – redone old train station. Land is getting a bit flatter, but of course they run the road over every hill they have..but I digress. Hopefully winds will abate a bit tomorrow. Pic is of an interesting spot along the road-kind of sums up today’s effort.



2 Comments on “Sep 5, Pollock, SD, Labor Day…natch”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    I feel you are traveling against the trade winds. Glad you found an accommodating accommodation. I have only made it half way to my desired destination as well. I’m in Dallas, which is half way to everywhere!

  2. JD Mader says:

    7mph? Ouch. Changed the oil on the bike today and aired up and gave her a good once over.

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