Sept 3, Washburn, ND, WINDY WINDY

Tough ride today in the first 15 miles, the route had me heading right into 40 mph winds – glad I persevered because the Garrison Dam, creating Lake Sakakawea, was really neat. Eventually got to use some tailwind and rode 65 into Washburn. Vast sunflower fields along route. Bluffs on either side of Mo. R. are green and pretty. Saw some bald eagles mid-afternoon. Visited national historic site telling story of Hidatsa and Mandan Indians-well done. Motel tonight, camp tomorrow. Pics are of the two spillways below the dam…there were whitecaps on the waves on the lake.




5 Comments on “Sept 3, Washburn, ND, WINDY WINDY”

  1. Beth says:

    Sounds like some beautiful scenery. Really glad you had sunflowers to keep you company, and I like the fact that bald eagles are becoming practically as rare as sparrows for you! Hope that head wind can figure out how to be come a tail wind at some point, though!

  2. Steve Lance says:

    Wow, that is the wild, wide open! Like Beth, I’m happy about the bald eagles, sorry about the head wind. I’m glad the Williston basin boom has passed me by. I worked with a guy who worked a couple of winters there. He said when the winter winds howl, it’s obvious the only thing between you and the Artic Circle is a 3 strand barb wire fence.

  3. Rita S. says:

    White caps on the lake…cool!

  4. Dick and Ann says:


    Thinking of you and enjoying all the scenery. Sounds like you’re having a good time.

    Hope you get some more tail winds.

  5. Antonia says:

    Not a car, not a gas station, not a single mall or fast food restaurant; not even a used car lot. Looks like god’s country to me.

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