Sept. 1, Culbertson, MT, Ft. Peck Res.

Spent most of today crossing the Ft. Peck indian reservation. Rode 57 mi. Into Culbertson. Pretty views of the bluffs on the south side of the Mo. R. looking across a wide flood plain. Cool day-jackets on throughout. Lots n lots of truck traffic due to road const. and the oil drilling boom just east of here. Nice motel tonite, early start tomorrow due to travel logistics. No notable flora/fauna/insects to report tonite, scenery very pretty in a long view/big sky way. Pic is white devil riding the res., taken so you can see the sky.



3 Comments on “Sept. 1, Culbertson, MT, Ft. Peck Res.”

  1. Keith Spangler says:

    Looking good dog! Has the traffic been nice to you out there? Hey, you’re making us “cold” enough with the jacket.

  2. Steve Lance says:

    You might have to stay in a nicer hotel. All the low rent stuff will be taken by oil workers. Big sky for a big trip!

  3. Debbie Feller says:

    Keep Smiling …Looking good

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