Aug 31, Wolfe Point, MT., Wind Shadows

Rode 53 mi today, straight north with a strong east wind. So Bill and I spent most of the day in the wind shadow of each other…big help. A bit flatter land, a bit greener. Saw our first field of CORN-suspect we may see a bit more in days ahead. For the first ten miles
or so today the edge of the road was covered with black crickets…hey, give me a break here…when you’re staring mostly at the road all day you notice these things. Later it was all grasshoppers again. In fact three hoppers made it into the motel with our bike gear-they’re now swimming in the mighty Mo. We’re on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation now and will be thru tomorrow. Pic is by Bill of an old abandoned school. While he was taking the pic a cowboy in a pickup stopped and asked if he’d seen a loose bull or two heiffers along the road. We hadn’t.



6 Comments on “Aug 31, Wolfe Point, MT., Wind Shadows”

  1. Antonia says:

    Jim! Just got your blog address from Kim – it’s me, Antonia! We are all long-faced without you here at the gym but never mind. You are on a remarkable trip! Haven’t seen a single picture in the rain and only one where you are not smiling. What gorgeous scenery. The mission reminds me of Pilgrims crossing northern Spain to end in Santiago de Compostella at the cathedral where presumably St. James, or pieces of St. James are encased and venerated. It’s a spiritual journey for most whether hiking or biking. You look like a great America journeyman. You make it look easy. I haven’t read any of it since it’s late and I just discovered it but will dedicate more time to the details.

  2. Keith Spangler says:

    Jim and Bill, come on tell the truth you saw the missing animals didn’t you! I mean I don’t blame you, if two guys drove up to me asking the same thing in Mechanicsburg, I’d have to say….didn’ see a thing…..! Rock out guys.

  3. Steve Lance says:

    No bull, You guys are doing great!

  4. Antonia says:

    That school house sure would make a beautiful house right in the middle of that endless sky.

  5. hoondog2100 says:

    Hi Jim!

    The school house picture reminds me of a Andrew Wyeth painting. Hope you’re over the “greenies”. I am envious of your adventures and hope you’re enjoying every minute. You were missed at yoga last night. Your name was floating around in the air….


    • Antonia says:

      You’re right Ellen. Very Wyeth. Also a hint of Alberta. Terrence Malick filmed his movie, Days of Heaven, there – a stand-in for Texas – and it had that same feeling of hugeness that both dwarfed and outlined a Victorian mansion that plays an important backdrop in the film. I’ve tried pasting it into this reply but no go.

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