Aug 30, Circle MT, 3 Greens

Great riding day today-67 mi in to Circle, MT with a tailwind. Pretty country, wide open, flatter. 3 greens-traveling into rising sun aquagreen insulators on power lines were glowing green lights miles ahead; noticed large amphibians on the  road–lizards abt 8 inches long, Brit racing green w/light green spots, swimming type tail .. No water in sight? Last green, skip the smoothie in Jordan…not worth it…as in “green around the gills, urp”. Great landforms today…lots of eroded cliffs, millions of years of history in view. Camping in RV Park tonite. Pic is of eroded hills/wash.



2 Comments on “Aug 30, Circle MT, 3 Greens”

  1. Terry says:

    Darn……………….looks the surface of the moon, hope you didn’t go that far!

    Be safe guys!


  2. Beth says:

    Neat change in scenery…reminds me a little of New Mexico. I hope you can avoid any more green-inducing smoothies and have comfortable riding. Hope the wind stays at your back, too!

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