Aug 28, Mosby, MT, Easy Livin’

Mosby is just a dot on the map…we saw no buildings, people, etc. However, we’re comfortably settled in a BnB a mile up a dirt road. Very nice. Other guests are hunters out shooting prairie dogs. Ride today was much different. Land flatter, more open, dry and parched-hot afternoon. Can still see forever. Passed a high school rodeo in Winnette-looked hot and dusty. 52 miles today…enough in the heat. Pic is just after walking bike carefully over cattle guard in road to BnB. We’re in a very unpopulated part of MT. Planning stopping pts ahead is a challenge.



4 Comments on “Aug 28, Mosby, MT, Easy Livin’”

  1. Dave Glick says:

    Is it true that slow roasted prarie dogs are quite tasty?

  2. Steve Lance says:

    We saw a lot of cattle guards in SD. Rebecca did not know what they were. I’ll bet it will be a struggle to find shelter with 80 mile range!

  3. Carole Rockland says:

    Hi, Jim,
    I don’t think we’ve met, but we’ve been enjoying following your trip. We did the TransAmerica route in 2001, and did some of the same roads. We loved the day along the Lochsa River, too, even though we rode it in the rain. I’m glad to hear that Bill has joined you—nicer sharing it with someone.
    Carole and Ed Rockland

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