Aug 27, GrassRange, MT, Sweet Alfalfa

70 miles into Grassrange. Only choice for the night was camping behind a truck stop…maybe you can guess how that went. There was a shower-a major plus. Rode through very pretty country, Judith Mountains. More farming and the large fields of alfalfa smell very sweet. Saw deer, antelopes, eagles, hawks, etc. Pic is just pass the divide in Judith Mts (riding west uphill to stage pic) and the downhill was super.



2 Comments on “Aug 27, GrassRange, MT, Sweet Alfalfa”

  1. JD Mader says:

    Truck stops are weird places. That must have been interesting.

  2. Dave Glick says:

    Hoo boy….How does one make small talk with burly truckers?

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