Aug 24, Day 3 Pause, Nother Dam Day

Actually it was another perfect day to cycle in Great Falls.  Left the Inn at 9:00 and rode to Ryan Dam on the north side of the river.  They have a nice park below the dam on an island and the scenery’s great.  The ride out was about 18 miles.  Then, on the way home I swung down to Rainbow Dam and falls.  Back to the room to check all the bike parts, do laundry and make one last shopping run to the commissary.  About 65 degrees when I started out this morning and I’d say in the high 80’s by mid afternoon.  Can’t beat that.  Pics are Rainbow Falls and dam, Ryan dam ( The Great Falls) and some fool tourist ruining the view of the Great Falls.





7 Comments on “Aug 24, Day 3 Pause, Nother Dam Day”

  1. Alice says:

    You look good! I think you are dropping some weight. Please don’t tell that this is what I’ll have to do to lose weight, too!

  2. Terry says:

    Great pics Jim………………..Big Sky country for sure, those pics certainly prove that point. I hope Bill arrived safely yesterday and enjoy the company for a few weeks………………guess you’re out pedalling this morning. Thunderstorms in Carlisle this AM, not sure if I’ll get out. Rode with the Old Spokes yesterday and ended up with two flats – go figure. When it rains it pours!

    Be safe!!!


  3. Steve Lance says:

    Jim, great pictures! You do look thin, remember, bacon goes well with everything! Rebecca and I are headed home also, should get home 26th. You are an inspiration to 62 year old men everywhere, Happy Birthday on the 25th by the way!

  4. Terry says:

    Oops, forgot…………………

    Happy Bithday………hope you got at least 62 in today!


  5. Matt Tuckey says:

    Great pictures… exciting stuff… amazing experience. Be safe and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. Kathy G. says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you find some ice cream and cake to celebrate your special day!

  7. Rick Nevins says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! Mine is on Sunday. But I’ll be a little wetter than you on Sunday, I think….


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