Mon. Morn. 22 Aug, Day 1 of Great Falls Pause

Hi All. Sitting at a computer in the Great Falls Library. Man, it’s nice to use a real keyboard. Really enjoying all the comments to the blog…helps me keep my energy up. Thank you. The bike is at a shop right now getting lubed and tuned. I meet up with Bill DeLoach Wed., and Thurs. we start east for North Dakota together.  Till then I’m taking a luxurious break at Malmstrom AFB here in G.F.  Wish I’d noticed last night that it was on the edge of town. Still, slept well in a campground that had pretty good facilities. I’ll try to add some local pictures to this posting tonight. Gotta go see the falls and soak up some more history.
     Lewis n Clark Interpretive center was very well done-learned a lot. Oh, the bike shop did a good job-shifting gears is much better and the chain’s clean.  Now, if the motor will just keep up.
     Hot n windy day today. Only 22 miles, GFalls is a big town. Pics are a life size reproduction of portaging around these Falls at the Interpretive Center and pic from the river’s edge, thru the willows. Right after that I saw two big magpies racing up the cliff. Magpies are big in MT too.




5 Comments on “Mon. Morn. 22 Aug, Day 1 of Great Falls Pause”

  1. Steve Lance says:

    What a well deserved rest! 1200 miles for Rebecca and I last 3 days. I think of you whenever I think I’m tired of being in the saddle!

  2. Beth says:

    So glad you’re in a hotel for a few nights…live it up with crazy microwaving and refrigerator-having! 🙂

  3. Keith spangler says:

    Jim, I’m heading to the Heritage Rail Trail for a possible overnight ride. I wish I could be where you are. The weather here is cooler no humidity. Ok rock out buddy!!!!!!

  4. JD Mader says:

    I concur. Rest up.

  5. Rita S says:

    Enjoying traveling with you, Jim. We’re heading out for Portland tomorrow. Be safe and keep the blog going.

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