Sun, 21 Aug, Great Falls, MT

Finally on the Missouri. Ride out of Augusta was really pretty. It was cool, clear blue sky forever, wide open grasslands…and so quiet. Saw a number of large rough-legged hawks, meadowlarks, etc. As I rode thru the morning there was more farming evident…cut hay, wheat, angus cattle. Made Grt Flls by 1:30 and am camping tonite. 54 mile day. Hard to capture the vastness with this Iphone camera-the pic is from the top of today’s only real hill looking back at Augusta and the Rockies in the background. Was reminded today that the coldest temp ever recorded in the USA was at Rogers Pass…70 below.



9 Comments on “Sun, 21 Aug, Great Falls, MT”

  1. Bill DeLoache says:

    Jim: Wow ! You are really moving. I won’t be there until about 5 pm on wednesday. You might as well ride to st lewis and come back for me on wednesday!!!! I have the bike and did a shake down ride loaded today. Everything checked out.Tomarrow and tuesday are final packing days. see you wednesday evening. Bill

  2. Kathy G. says:

    Jim, you are doing great! Glad to read you have found ice cream!

  3. Steve Lance says:

    Sounds like it is all good!

  4. Keith Spangler says:

    Did you start your new day yet? Have fun!

  5. Beth says:

    Really is big sky country, huh? I hope you get some good rest, great icecream, and maybe some fishing before you continue. Glad to think you’ll have company for the next leg!

  6. Tonya Miller says:

    wow – what a trip! you are motivation to all! I finally found the little piece of paper that had your blog on it- got all caught up on your amazing trip. Also, to give you a little piece of home – my phone pocket called you a few times this past week- sorry about that!
    Cant wait to read the next entry. Be safe out there!

  7. Dick and Ann says:


    Think you should eat more ice cream, drink more beer, add more lbs. It’s fun reading the blog.

  8. Mark says:

    Incredible !

  9. Tina S says:

    Go Jim Go!! What fun to read……

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