Fri, 19 Aug, Day 11, Ovanda, Mont.

Missoula to Ovanda, 54 mi. Nother perfect riding day, warm in the sun, cool in shade, low humid. Spent the day riding in a BIG valley- mountains on the horizons. Started along Blackfoot river, then it opened up to grassland, pasture, etc. Long views, last two hours of ride mtns w/snow in my rearview mirror. Camping tonite. Had Moose Drool dark beer with my dinner chili. Pics, one of bike at Adv. Cyclng Hdqtrs, and one overlooking one of many trout rivers. Beautiful country.




5 Comments on “Fri, 19 Aug, Day 11, Ovanda, Mont.”

  1. Alice says:

    I am just now catching up with you. Sounds like you have had great weather and are making good time so far. The photos are beautiful! Keep on enjoying the ride, and take good care of yourself.

  2. Beth says:

    Glad you have scenery that gorgeous to ride through. I hope the temps are cooperating, too. Keep and even strain and have fun!

  3. Debbie Feller says:

    Awesome Jim! Montana is Beautiful!!

  4. Terry Neiles says:

    Looking good Jim! Really enjoying following the posts………………….be safe my friend!


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