Day 9, 17 Aug, Wendover Camp/Lochsa River, Idaho Beauty

And I ain’t talkin potatoes – Long ride, great ride today…91 mi. Didn’t plan this long, but the whole day was on Rt 12 along Clearwater and Lochsa Rivers. No big climbs/descents, just gradual up all day- very nice cycling. Arrived at first planned stop and it was 1:30. Too early to quit, so next campground was Wendover. Very nice primitive spot. My spot has two trees that just fit the hammock. Can’t say enough about the beauty of the area. Ninety miles and only one fisherman-and she looked good from a distance. Was told fishing’s good – certainly no pressure. Soon into the hammock as the mosquitoes have begun to awaken for dinner – not me. Pics are of campsite and river.





7 Comments on “Day 9, 17 Aug, Wendover Camp/Lochsa River, Idaho Beauty”

  1. Debbie Feller says:

    Beautiful…weather looks great too!

  2. Beth says:

    Oh wow…long ride, but what a gorgeous spot! I hope the mosquitoes went hungry and you had a great night. May the weather and the scenery continue to be that gorgeous!

  3. Kelly says:

    Long day for you Jim! But it sounded like a delightful ride! Glad you are enjoying yourself. Stay safe!!!

  4. Rick Nevins says:

    Terry, Carole and I rode this evening and Terry mentioned you covered a lot of miles (I hadn’t read it yet). Glad to hear things are going well.

  5. Dick and Ann says:


    With that kind of mileage, you’ll be in St. Louis in a heartbeat, where I guess you will have to wait for Sandy to show up. Nice scenery.

  6. Keith Spangler says:

    Keith here. I remember you telling me about the hammock – looks like it is working well. Have you seen any wild animals while you were “hanging” around? Talk to you tomorrow.

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