Day 8, 16 Aug, Kamiah, Idaho, 83 mi..moutains east

Long day today 8-4. Major climb AM, 8 mi at 5-6 mph, over an hour of grindin the low gear. Spectacular scenery, perfect weather…would have liked more tailwind. Saw 2 coveys western quail, one eagle, lots of endless blue sky. Pics are me blocking part of the view at top of climb, wheat stubble being burned. Third pic old rail bridge over gulch. Motel camping tonite.





5 Comments on “Day 8, 16 Aug, Kamiah, Idaho, 83 mi..moutains east”

  1. Beth says:

    I particularly like the foreground of that first pic! Sounds like you’ve earned your hammock and diner pie (I hope!) tonight.

  2. Debbie Feller says:

    Sure hope you are finding The Ice Cream along the way!

  3. Kevin Stotmeister says:

    Jim, your trip has been very inspirational to me. I too have been a biker for a number of years, but some various injuries and work priorities have gotten in the way of my doing much more than token rides the last couple of years. Following your journey now makes me committed to climbing back in the saddle. Thanks and best wishes for success for the remainder of your trip.

  4. Keith Spangler says:

    Jim, looking good dog! Have you seen any strange (interesting) people. Pictures?

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