Day 6, 14 Aug, Dayton Wa, 87.5 miles

Another good day…cool in morning, warm afternoon after Walla Walla lunch. Columbia R. now behind me. Tracked along the river most
of the morning, and then into long rolling hills of golden wheat…pretty. LOTS of wheat here, looks like a great harvest. Motel in Dayton tonight. Pics are last look back down the Columbia, and some…what else… wheat.




8 Comments on “Day 6, 14 Aug, Dayton Wa, 87.5 miles”

  1. Mark says:

    Jim … would love to see a “helmet cam” video. GO JIM GO !!!

  2. Enjoying your blog & pics, Jim! The picture of the Columbia River reminds me of a trip we took a few years ago to visit a friend in Idaho (Moscow). Of course, we didn’t take the great, scenic route that you are experiencing. Take care!!

  3. Steve Lance says:

    Wow, beautiful! Amber waves of grain I’d reckon.

  4. Katie says:

    Hi, Jim: I knew an art student who painted wheat fields for 4 years in his college. Great pics!!


  5. Matt Tuckey says:

    great pics

  6. Colleen "O" says:

    Hey there Jim….it’s Colleen. Just wanted to check and see how things were going. I was at the beach this past week and it was over 100 degrees….it led me to think about you biking through like temperatures, but I had the pool and the ocean right next to me. Hope you and Sandy are doing well! Be careful but have fun, Merriwether!

  7. Rick Nevins says:

    Nice pics – glad to see things are going well. Our Carlisle Action ride was rained out yesterday…

  8. Kelly says:

    Gorgeous pics so far Jim! Stay strong, you’re doing great!

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