Day 5, 13 Aug, Umatilla, Wa. 82.5 miles

Great tailwind today. Stark, pretty land. Camping tonight. Having a beer waiting for dinner. Back into Oregon tomorrow following Columbia river. Pic is loaded up at start,, and Washington isn’t real green here.




8 Comments on “Day 5, 13 Aug, Umatilla, Wa. 82.5 miles”

  1. Rick Nevins says:

    May you find two suitable trees to hang your hammock from!

  2. Beth says:

    I second Rick’s hope for hammock-worthy trees. Enjoy your beer–you’ve certainly earned it! Congrats on the first camping and fully-loaded day!

  3. Steve Lance says:

    Hope the camping goes well. Good to not read of flats!

  4. Tim Sullivan says:

    Enjoy the ride looks very challenging I still remember those spinning classes!!!!

    Tim Sullivan

  5. Julie Levy says:

    Hey Jim–I’m enjoying your journey! I’m following the instructions you left with me…my own journey to reclaim my old fitness level! Be safe : )


  6. Bill DeLoache says:

    Jim: The bike has arrived in nj shop. will pick it up thursday.Am half way packed. I am enjoying the blog. Bill

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