Day 4, Aug 12, Biggs (desert, hot), 55 miles

Another sunny day, hot in the afternoon. Bike is fully loaded for crossing the Columbia tomorrow into Washington. Route follows north river bank. Sag support (Sandy) heads back to Portland to continue her trip to San Francisco, thus the fully loaded bike. Won’t be fun to part. Had a rear flat today – I’ve had all that practice I need. Starting to wonder about my Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires – new by the way. Oh well, part of the adventure. Last of the riding in Oregon today was really beautiful. Picture is view from Rowena Crest on historic rte 30.



2 Comments on “Day 4, Aug 12, Biggs (desert, hot), 55 miles”

  1. Beth says:

    I’m looking forward to a picture of you and the fully-loaded bike! Looks like you are in gorgeous country…enjoy!

  2. Dick and Ann says:

    Hey Jim,

    This is the way to do a bike ride-through somebody else’s eyes/legs. Keep the pictures coming.

    Dick and Ann

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