Day 3, Hood River, 54.6 miles, windsurfing capital of the universe

Yes, it’s very windy here in Hood River.  Picture is Sandy and I standing in front of the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel which is right next to our pricey motel.  We’ll have breakfast there tomorrow morning overlooking the river.  Soon enough I’ll be existing on beef jerky and fried donuts.

Perfect weather day today…paybacks may be tough. Rode about half the day
on old scenic hwy 30, and half on I-84. First time I’ve ridden on an interstate. Very noisy, but there are no other options here in the gorge. Flat tire this morning-fixed it sitting in the sun at a vista overlook. Timing is everything. Full of good Mexican food now and ready for another early turn in.



2 Comments on “Day 3, Hood River, 54.6 miles, windsurfing capital of the universe”

  1. Beth says:

    So sorry about the flat tire, but glad you had a pretty place to fix it. Eat a REALLY quality breakfast in preparation for the jerky-days. 🙂 Loving the blog…thanks so much for keeping us in the loop!

  2. Rita S says:

    Fascinated by your blog, Jim. Keep em coming. Your house is in good shape; no accidental papers or mail this far. Be safe

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