Day 2, Wed. Aug. 10th, Rainier to Troutdale…65.2 miles

Leaving Rainier today it was overcast and cool just as the previous days.  After about an hour on the road the sky cleared, the sun came out, light tailwind, about as good as it gets.  Also, there was less climbing and fewer logging trucks.  So, a nice ride to Portland.  Troutdale is on the eastern edge of the city at the beginning of the scenic Columbia River Gorge.  Riding through Portland was neat…it’s obviously a very bike friendly city.  Got a bit lost, but a nice policeman helped me get back on the route.  The last six miles or so was along the river north of the airport.  Really pretty.  Met up with Sandy at the motel and, after cleanup from riding, we headed out driving the old Route 30 scenic drive up the gorge.  Fantastic.  The vistas from Vista Point were really superb – what else, right.  Then further up the scenic drive we visited Multnomah Falls..spectacular.  Hopped back on the local interstate to return to the motel.  Got a recommendation for a local Italian restaurant and had a very good meal.  All in all a really great day.  The picture is one I took along the road today.  The business had closed, but it was my kind of place.  How often do you get a chance to buy groceries, get toned, tanned and your saw sharpened with one stop?  Well, the motel wifi is giving me upload picture grief so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Wifi won, I lost.


3 Comments on “Day 2, Wed. Aug. 10th, Rainier to Troutdale…65.2 miles”

  1. Beth says:

    Sorry wifi wouldn’t cooperate (believe me, I know your pain!) but the word-picture was pretty good, too. Sounds like my kind of place! Glad you had fewer log trucks and a good day. I hope there’s a great meal in your future!

  2. Kelly says:

    Sounds like a magnificent day of riding Jim! Look forward to more days of your riding adventure. Be safe!

  3. Rick Nevins says:

    Glad to hear things are going well! Having some nice weather here this week for a change. I hope to get out tomorrow after work.

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