Day 1, Seaside to Rainier – 72.6 miles

The picture is of Lewis, Clark and me enjoying the ocean breezes at the edge of the beach promenade in Seaside.  We’re all looking west for the picture, but I headed east within a few minutes.  They’re still hanging out there.

Great day to start out.  About 60 degrees at the outset and it only warmed up to about 70.  Pretty nice after our very hot days in Pa.  Saw quite a few deer on the ride – three in a residential area of Astoria which was unusual.  Maybe not unusual for this region, but they were working on some guy’s shrubs and plants as I rode by and seeing them gave me a start.  Logging is a big industry here and today I was passed by lots of logging semi’s.  They are big and slow and on one occasion I left the roadway to let one get by me without him having to slow down.  Our motel is on a street in Rainier (tonight is the last night here) that has a train track in it.  Yesterday evening we got to watch a double diesel locomotive pull 38 train cars of logs through town.  Out of our windows we look across the Columbia River to the Washington state side, and there are lots of wood processing plants over there plus other industry I’m sure.  The Columbia’s busy….ocean going ships, tugs pushing barges, etc.  Tomorrow it’s southeast to the far side of Portland where we plan to stay the night in what appears to be a bedroom community for Portland – Troutdale, Oregon.


4 Comments on “Day 1, Seaside to Rainier – 72.6 miles”

  1. JD Mader says:

    I always thought Lewis and Clark were slackers.

  2. Beth says:

    Great pictures and great news! I may not get to check your blog every day for a while, but I’m thinking of you all the time and sending you speedy bubbles!

  3. Terry says:

    The great adventure has commenced…………………I’ll be thinking of you everyday!

    Bob did have surgery yesterday and is resting today (per Pat). Hopefully he’ll be home on Friday or Saturday and I do plan on stopping by to see him as often as he’ll put up with me.

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