I’ve thought about food on the trip a lot. Normally, like most of us, I take food for granted. I’ve family camped before and cooked – Coleman stove and all that. I’ve toured on the bike before and not cooked. On organized rides such as Bike Virginia or the Erie Canal Ride – both about six days – the tour operators arranged for breakfasts and dinners for the group…it was part of the package. When I’ve toured self-supported I’ve eaten in restaurants and bought/carried sandwiches along the way. This tour, following the Lewis and Clark Route from the Pacific shore in Oregon to St. Louis, things may be different. At present I’m not planning to carry a stove to heat up camp food. I’ll pack dried and fresh fruit, nuts, peanut butter, canned goods and try to still get most meals at least one a day. It remains to be seen how this will play out. One does burn a lot of calories putting 60-70 miles a day on the bike. As shown in the picture I will take along a little aluminum dish and pan set for backup. If needed, I’ll look into picking up a small and light backpacking stove along the way.
Went out and rode 43 miles this afternoon just for fitness maintenance – legs and seat. During the wonderful dinner Sandy had ready when I returned I said “If I could end every day on the tour with a meal like tonight’s, the incentive to get home wouldn’t be as great.” Not really!!!
So those are some thoughts about a big unknown….FOOOOOOD. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out over the miles of traveling. Stay tuned. Writing this has kind of made me hungry – maybe not a good sign?



5 Comments on “FOOD..Hmmmmm”

  1. Terry And Patty says:

    Patty and I will be following your grand adventure on a daily basis. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. I am somewhat envious of the trip, but I hope you understand that my responsibilities lie elsewhere this year. We wish you both a safe trip to the coast and we will most certainly enjoy the ‘blog’ (our first you know, we’re kind of behind the 8-ball in the technology realm.)

    Have a great time!!!!!!

    Terry and Patty

    • jim4strength says:

      Thanks Terry and Patty,
      I too am a newbie with the blog. Looking forward to the riding…the blogging, just hope I can continue to make it work on the road.
      Maybe next year.

  2. Cindi & Matthew says:

    Sorry Jim, but we believe that you will be out of the Matty’s Kitchen delivery area! Best of luck to you, and let us know if you need anything. We’ll be following your exciting quest!

  3. JD Mader says:

    Ah, figured it out. I’m proud of ya, Dad. I could never do it. Or perhaps I should say, ‘would never do it’ and I respect that you WILL. No doubt. We’ll be with you every turn of the pedal.

  4. Mark says:

    I’ve heard that Yuengling comes in those little trail packets now.

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