Ice Cream IS a food group

Met up with Bill (in the yellow jersey) today for a ride and some late stage planning.  He is planning to meet me in Great Falls, Montana in a little over three weeks and we’ll ride together for about two weeks.  Today we had Montana weather, I hope.  We got about thirty miles in all told and it was a clear, hot day but with less humidity which makes for good riding.  Yesterday was hotter and a lot more humid…not very pleasant.  We stopped at the lakeside cafe in Boiling Springs to have refreshments and discuss details about the traveling to come such as how many miles a day we expect to ride, how often we expect to be camping as opposed to using motels and how often a day can one eat ice cream.  As I told Bill, they say humans can go for approximately 30 days without food, but I start getting edgy after about 3 hours so staying properly fueled (food of course) on the ride will be a priority.  AND, ice cream is surely a food of choice.  The picture on the patio was taken by an old friend from the Carlisle YMCA who happened to be enjoying the afternoon as we were.


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